She’s baaaack

I have been so remiss writing on my website that I was almost afraid to log on.

The reason for my absence is because I’ve written my brains out for the last several weeks to be able to say this about my novel Dancing with Armando:

the end

I must give it another sweep through and format it, etc., but it’s on its way. Woo Hoo! Who wants to see my┬ácover?

raise hands

I’m very excited about it.

I’ll keep you posted and hope I won’t be a stranger.



Jill Cox Vogt





Friends since little girls


My award-winning author friend, Rebecca Warner, and I got together after 20 years and had brunch. We grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee, just a mile from one another, and published our novels at the same time. Amazing! An unidentified and unsuspecting man we snagged took our picture with Rebecca’s phone. She’s the pretty one on the right. We were pretending we were celebrities in sunglasses.

Check out Rebecca Warner at her site: