Love my reviewers!

Lately I’ve been thinking about the readers/strangers who’ve taken the time to review my book, The Fizgig.  Even now, reviews continue to surprise me.  It’s such a treat to check the page and find new ones. It’s pure happiness. Usually I say aloud, “Thank you, [insert name]!!!! Thank you so much for this gift!

So, here’s a list of people who just might not realize the great big smile they’ve given to me with their AMAZING reviews:

Julie, Kem H. McKee, JenTheRiot, Nan Reinhardt, corpbi,Vivian Carmody, Miranda N. Prather, No1Bookbabe, Brian P. Lane, christine, Karen S., Amazon Customer, Lisa E., Sugar & Spice, Brenda, Queenruler, Suellen J., patti, Kindle Customer, Rikki Dyson, DELLA, Amazon Customer (#2), Joan Raff, TJ Fitch, Maggie Anne, Victoria L. Schaeffer, Lolasmom2, Steve, augray, Ann Goins, Doodlebug, Katie Caldwell, Darlene C. Dent, Robert Mumford, Catherine Rasberry


I love you.



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