What a nightmare if . . .

Oooooh, one thing I do not want to be is a one-hit wonder. Nightmare! So, I’ve been writing another novel since last summer – actually rewriting,  polishing, editing it. Changing it. I’ve added a twist, and that’s made it harder to do. Several chapters in, I still wonder sometimes if it’s the right way for the story to go. I have many chapters to complete, I  want to change the title, but to what?, and I spend way too much time in the real world at my real job instead of at home writing, because I have to. There’s this thing called a paycheck. It comes in handy. Every peanut counts!

I stayed up way too late writing  last night to have to get up at 6 AM. I’m feeling it. A couple of hours ago, I could’ve easily fallen asleep at my desk. I had to snap out of it.


Two of my favorite titles are The Deep End of the Ocean and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I want a title like those. Do you have a favorite?

Let me think . . .

I’m looking forward to releasing my second novel! It’ll be like





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