PL&R’s run has ended

And what a run it was. Amazing opportunity and through the anthology I became a bestselling author and met so many great authors whom I call friends. Two of them, Diane Rinella and Jennifer Theriot, just made the USA Today Bestseller list for Mischief Under the Mistletoe.

The books in the anthology can still be purchased individually.

The buy link to The Fizgig is

I’m thankful for everyone who has bought it and will buy it. The last reviewer, M. Prather,  said:

I went in to reading this book with a bit of reluctance, I must admit. The book seemed a bit too much like a romance novel (a genre I’ve never been fond of). I am glad though that I didn’t give up before I had even begun. Romantic love is a key component of the tale, yes, but there’s a deeper message here and it is that of hope. Without resorting to overly maudlin scenes or any one religion, Vogt manages to nudge readers to the consideration that they never give up on themselves or others. She has taken her time to develop each of her main characters, not leaving out some of the lesser ones like many authors fall into. While Luke and Daisy are the main characters, each of them has friends and loved ones that add to the overall story.

I don’t know her, but I just love her! (Of course, I love all my reviewers!)

Until later, XO


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